Your Music in Digital Stores of the World

Through digital distribution we upload your music to hundreds of stores and platforms around the world. With market exposure so you can get more in front of your fans and listeners, we’re constantly adding more options for you to promote and earn money from your content.Once your music is published in stores and digital channels, we take care of obtaining monthly reports that include the number of streams and downloads of your music. We also claim content on Youtube Content ID

Music Licenses

Whenever you record a song that someone else has written, you must obtain the permission of the copyright owners. This is true even if you are giving away your recording. Getting permission involves contacting the copyright owners of each song and can be a real pain if you haven’t done much of this. We have a Partnership with Easy Song Licensing which allows people to legitimately license music and make a version of a song

I opted in for YouTube Content ID I received an email saying someone [Merlin] (GSDistroPartners) and [Merlin] (Ratrillando) claimed copyright to my music.

Ratrillando, offers an upgrade called "YouTube Content ID". We upload your audio to the Content ID system, which tracks YouTube videos that use your music. When a match is found, ads will be shown on the video and you will earn the revenue. corresponding.

Nothing to worry about, it's YouTube's Content ID system doing its job. You can ignore the message.

YouTube may say that the copyright claim is from  "[Merlin] GSDistroPartners and [Merlin] Ratrillando". Is the engine that helps power the "YouTube Content ID" feature at Ratrillando, They'll send ad revenue to [Merlin] Ratrillando and we'll send it to you.